source link The media is suppose to be the watchdog of democracy. It is SUPPOSED to provide the facts, just the facts, and only the facts. It shouldn’t align itself with any political party, and it should stay neutral on all fronts. What happened? Either my watchdog died, or it is terribly lost in the deep dark world of lies, propaganda, and politics. Oops, I’m sorry, aren’t all those the same thing?  I wasn’t horribly shocked to see the Dallas Morning News announce their support for Hillary Clinton. At least they aren’t lying and saying they are unbiased and providing just the news. At least they are telling us they are doing what most other news media in the county is doing, supporting the left agenda. This upsets me to no end. I went to college for journalism, this is not the journalism I was taught. It wouldn’t be any better it they had stepped out and announced their support for Donald Trump. You don’t do that. You just provide the facts as you find them, not as you believe they should be.  This is why I am no longer a journalist. My writing reflects that, both in style, and in the fact that it is an OPINION, not news.  There isn’t an institution out there that isn’t stacking the deck in the favor of the side of the political world they have found themselves aligned with. Enough!! Can’t we just have a news service that provides the facts, then give equal amounts of time and print to each side for their OPINION??? I thought it was the Dallas Morning NEWS….Not the Dallas Morning EDITORIAL. I cancelled my subscription. If you don’t stand up for what you believe in then you can’t complain about the outcome. Good riddance. I’ll have to find my news sources another way. It might as well be TMZ…..I’ll go throw up now while my college professors roll over in their graves.

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