9/11 in the Dallas area

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go My friend was playing this morning at the Shops at Legacy in Plano, TX.

follow site They have their Live Music Series this fall and he plays there often. My daughter and I went and enjoyed the morning and the cooling weather. After sitting there for a while it dawned on me that the next day would be 15 years since 9/11.

Many people have asked me the question, “Where were you when you heard about the Twin Towers?” Of course most of us can recall the exact moment we heard. Many innocent people died, and millions of shocked people pulled together. Fifteen years have come and gone and now where are we? A country torn apart from within. We don’t need terrorists to do the dirty work for us, we are managing just fine on our own. A football player making 19 million a year can’t even stand up for his own country and he has thousands cheering him on. People are shooting at our police officers while the police officers are scared and shooting at people. People get shot for attacking an officer, yet the officer is looked at as evil. It seems like evil is getting more and more common, yet harder to define. Murder rates are climbing, and political races seem criminal. It is frustrating and can be scary.

After he finished playing, I talked with my friend, sharing my thoughts and worries about the future. I asked him what he thought about the world and how anyone would want to raise kids in it. The friend I came to see play, who is from Poland, a country that has seen it’s share of war, hatred, turmoil, and terrorism, just smiled and said, “You adjust. Life changes and you have to change with it.” He smiled and went on his way, adjusting to life. I smiled and wanted to hug my daughter. There can be hope in humanity, even if it’s a small glimmer of one.

I thank my dear friend for the encouragement. I hope as a country we can adjust. I hope we can start trying to walk in another persons shoes for a change. I hope people will begin to become accountable for their own lives, and their own actions. I hope for the future that the fast moving pendulum will finally start swinging back the other way toward peace and innocence.

My prayers go out to all those that lost loved ones on that awful day 15 years ago, while my heart hurts for a nation that has lost its way.